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Windshield & Automotive Glass

Nanoident® Supraperl SSH for automotive glass

Nano automotive glass coating

Nanoident® Supraperl SSH nano coating and sealing spray for automotive glass with easy to clean effect and very high rain pearling, easy application, excellent durability to windshield wiper abrasions, immediate pearl function without speed. Free visibility in the rain from 50 km / h Stable up to 20,000 km. Drying time 1 to 2 minutes. The nano product Nanoident® Supraperl SSH is a nano coating sealant for automotive glass and windshields. The nano coating or sealant produces have a very good lotus effect and is rain and water repellent and has a self-cleaning effect. This high quality nano coating or glass sealer is optimized for all automobile - automotive glass surfaces such as windshields, rear and side windows and mirrors on auto glass surfaces. With this offer, you purchase a top product with our best quality guarantee with real nano technology. The professional nano surface protection with high-quality and stable nanoparticles. The special Nanoident® Supraperl SSH nano coating or nano sealer for automotive glass or automobile glass produces a high easy to clean effect with long-lasting function on automotive glass surfaces. Because SiO2 particles are contained in the nano product and the specific binding particles, the nano coating or nano sealing binds firmly to the glass surface. The function of nano coating - nano sealing effects a high rain-repellent effect on the windshield, so that you will receive a free and clear view out of the car is obtain at speeds of about 50 km / h. The safety driving is increased as track is kept of even in the worst weather. Nanoident® Supraperl SSH is an eco-product and contains no toxic ingredients.